Practice Areas

At Kish & Lietz we specialize in representing individuals and companies who are being investigated for or actually face criminal prosecution. Most of our work is in the federal court system, although we do take on criminal cases in the Georgia state courts when we feel like we can make a difference. There are a number of different practice areas where we represent our clients, whether in federal court or state court.

As just mentioned, most of our work is in the federal court system. Federal crimes are a specific breed of criminal matter, with limited jurisdiction, but enormous consequences for anyone who finds themselves facing the power of the United States government. Federal criminal defense is a specialty, and even many highly qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyers shy away from the complexity of criminal matters in the federal court system. Not only are the rules different than in state court, but the prosecutors and federal agents are often more well-financed than what we see in the state court system. Additionally, federal cases often involve lots of publicity. Furthermore, the potential sentences in federal criminal matters are often dictated by mandatory penalties, plus the practitioner needs to be up to speed on the wickedly complicated Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

We handle just about any kind of federal criminal case that our clients bring to us. However, we find that many of the cases fall into several categories. Many of our clients are investigated or prosecuted for economic crimes, such as bank fraud, mortgage fraud, accounting fraud, along with the often used mail and wire fraud laws. We are often called upon by individuals in the medical field when federal agents accuse them of healthcare fraud in the operation of their medical practice. The same is true in the securities field where we often defend clients accused of criminal misdeeds in this area regarding securities fraud. Public corruption cases also are matters we handle, cases in which our clients are sometimes in the political arena, or who work for or contract with various governmental entities. Sometimes, our clients are accused of Internet crimes. Other clients are charged with violating the drug laws, which can include narcotics and controlled substances offenses. Other times, clients who are in the business of prescribing or providing drugs are charged with over-providing medication or giving medicine to those not truly in need of the drug. Whatever the crime, we represent clients in a wide array of federal criminal matters, predominantly in white collar matters.

Our representation also involves various stages of the federal criminal process. Sometimes, we are called into a case early in the process, when the government is merely investigating someone or some company. Other times we engage in witness representation for people or companies called before the Grand Jury. Other times, we handle the actual trial, or the sentencing hearing. We also have an active appellate practice, and have many appeals representing clients in some of the highest courts in the land.

While the bulk of our work is in the federal court system, we also agree to take on matters in the Georgia state courts from time to time. These cases can arise just about anywhere within Georgia, from the mountains to the sea. We go where we are needed.

The following pages give more detail about our various practice areas.